Kimsale is a Arts & Crafts Store that is hosted from home, You may of heard of the saying ‘Everything is bigger in texas’ Well its true. Mainly because here we want to offer Bigger Savings. Not just on normal craft items you may see in other places, we have handmade craft items I personally make each day. I’m native american, *Mother of 2* with a knack for crafts, and have always had the dream of making money from home. Not just by selling things but also doing something I can actually enjoy/love. This is where the true concept and idea of Kimsale comes in to play. I had plenty of Yard Sales always each year in my small town of Texas, so I felt it would be pretty nice for not just my community, but also to reach out to any fans out there who may be interested in my handmade products. Please feel free to Contact me Anytime!